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5 Wines to Toast To on A Bonfire Night this Summer

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Summer is here! Not that we don’t have scorching heat year in and year out but here’s to the season of beach trips, tans, and barbecues over the bonfire.

There’s nothing like a good blaze, the crackle of cooking meat over open flames, and the sound of crashing waves intermingling with endless stories shared over a glass or two of wine. While beer might be a go-to companion to the usual seaside grill, here are 5 fine wines to elevate your bonfire nights.

Pinot Noir with Cheese & Charcuterie

Try some Pinot Noir and Charcuterie! A sip of a light and fruity red like Volcanic Hills Pinot Noir with a bite of salty meat like prosciutto, soppressata, or mortadella brings out the bright berry flavours in this fine Central Otago wine. Add in creamy Feta, Burrata, or Goat cheese to balance out the saltiness and you’ve got a match made for sitting by the fire at the beach.

Sauvignon Blanc with Grilled Shrimp Foil Packets

Cooking up by the sea? With a little prep work at home, these easy foil packets make a great meal over the bonfire. Throw in fresh shrimp seasoned with salt and pepper in a foil with onions, red potatoes, zucchini, olive oil, and some lemon. Cook over the fire for a nice and simple meal. The lightness of the shrimp calls for an equally light, crisp, and refreshing Tyrian Clouds Sauvignon Blanc. Summertime notes of guava and passionfruit balanced with integrated acidity make for the perfect after swim sip.

Chardonnay with Chicken Kebab

No bonfire is complete without skewers. Juicy, moist, and delicately spiced Chicken Kebab pair surprisingly well with Chardonnay. Crafted from the finest of grapes from the Bickley Valley in Perth Hills, Myattsfield Chardonnay bursts with lifted elegant aromatics of nectarine and white peach with citrus and sweet oak nuances while underlying acidity creates an excellent balance.⁠ This combination is filling yet light enough to leave you craving heavier meats to come.

Shiraz with Grilled Hamburgers

Red wine and beef go together like chocolate and strawberries. McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Shiraz is a great accompaniment to a night of comfort food - full-bodied and packed with flavour, this wine opens with a seductive bouquet of fresh blueberries with strawberries and cream confection. Bold in nature, this wine sparkles with cherry cola and white pepper notes that go perfectly with the char and fattiness of grilled beef burgers.

Rosé and Toasted Marshmallow

Nothing screams summer in a bottle like a nice coral pink Rosé. Cap off bonfires with the sweet creaminess of marshmallows toasted on the open flame. Enjoy them with graham crackers and chocolates for an amazing smores bite while taking a sip of Volcanic Hills Rosé in between. This wine delivers soft delicate strawberry marshmallows, mixed with red delicious apples. Clean crisp textures of summer berries, ending with balanced ripe strawberry gelato ice cream smoothness. It can’t get any better than this.




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