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Volcanic Hills

Like many of their peers, winemakers Brent and Larissa Park of Volcanic Hills spent years working in major wine regions around the world, such as South Africa, United States, Australia and France. The couple eventually settled back in New Zealand to put their skills making the cool climate white wines and Pinot Noir varietals that New Zealand is famous for. 


In 2009, Brent and Larissa set up the Volcanic Hills winery, and a tasting room overlooking the scenic ho springs town of Rotorua. The cooler climate of New Zealand makes impeccable white wines and Pinot Noir, of which we are proud to showcase at Dunstan Vintner.

About the wines

One of many Volcanic Hills’ vineyards is located in Central Otago, a region that is perfect for growing Pinot Noir, New Zealand’s award-winning red wine. The winemakers at Volcanic Hills are very particular in every stage of crafting, making their wines are even more sophisticated. Their goal is picking and choosing where the grapes come from, and not restricted to one region. Making the best of what each region has to offer, Volcanic Hills share the excellence of New Zealand wines to everyone.



Volcanic Hills

New Zealand:

Central Otago

Hawke's Bay


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