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March 2022 Vineyard Visit: Myattsfield

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

With the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn in the Southern hemisphere, we are happy to share a short update on what our winemakers are busy with right around this time.

In this post, we have Josh Davenport of Myattsfield, hard at work with this year’s vintage. Winemaking is very challenging work that is often out of sight of the average consumer, so we think it would be nice to put a human face to this whole process.

To make good wine involves wrestling with Mother Nature, to make the best wine out of the fruit, many months after the harvest is done. Climate change brings with it unusual weather patterns, and winemakers have to make quick decisions that have consequences long into the future. So the skill and experience of the winemaker are extremely important in all of these as they are reflected in the wine itself.

Recently, our Operations Manager, Darryl, visited Myattsfield to have a look at what they are working on. The place is a hive of activity, but Josh and his team worked silently and professionally while wearing masks mandated for working in enclosed spaces. Each member knows what to do from years of experience.

Sparkling Pinot Noir Fermentation
Sparkling Pinot Noir Fermentation

Here we have Josh stirring a small batch of Pinot Noir as it ferments on its skin to produce the bubbly and refreshing sparkling red we know and love. It is being done by hand due to the small quantity involved.

The weather in Perth is also affected by climate change, and summers have gone noticeably longer than usual, so Josh was keen to experiment with the warmer climate Italian varieties like Fiano and Montepulciano.

Fiano Fermenting in Clay Vessels
Fiano Fermenting in Clay Vessels

Josh is displaying a number of clay fermentation vessels for the Fiano and is smiling at the results under the mask.

The Shiraz is taking on very good colour as it gets pumped over, and the team was filling up a batch of Merlot while we speak. We will return in a couple of months for updates. We can’t wait to taste how this vintage will turn out!

Shiraz being Pumped Over and Merlot Going into Barrels
Shiraz being Pumped Over and Merlot Going into Barrels

About Myattsfield Vineyard

Myattsfield’s award-winning wines reflect the complex flavours of the selective grapes grown in Bickley Valley. Facing the lower Southern side, Myattsfield is capable of producing refreshingly crisp whites and smooth reds while elevated Western facing sites are ideal for fortified production. Taking advantage of the region’s climate, they plant varieties such as Verdelho, Mourvedre, Touriga, and Durif, alongside Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. ⁠ The region is typically associated with wines from similar climates like the inland areas of Spain and Portugal, in which the winemakers have spent many years honing their skills.

The sub-region Bickley Valley was recognised as having a unique set of geographical and topographical

influences that impact the quality of wine produced. ⁠It is definitely worth visiting when you get a chance.

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