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The family of Myatt started in Camberwell, London where Joseph Myatt established a market garden. Their strength back in the 1840s was improving and popularising rhubarb across London, making them become Britain’s leading producers of rhubarb. Descendants of Joseph Myatt are now farming in a small sub-region Bickley Valley in Perth Hills, Western Australia more than 175 years later. 


The factor behind Myattsfield’s success is their talented winemakers, Josh and Rachel Davenport. Josh planted the very first vineyard in his garden at the age of 19. He was inspired by the winemaking process after working on local vineyards and completing his first vintage. With talent and passion, Josh become a winemaker assistant at the Faber winery, where he met his wife, Rachel, at a nearby winery. Same as Josh, Rachel has started her winery experience at an early age.

About the wines

Myattsfield’s award-winning wines reflect the complex flavours of the selective grapes grown in Bickley Valley in Perth Hills, Western Australia. It is typically associated with wines from similar climates like the inland areas of Spain and Portugal, where the winemakers have spent many years honing their skills in. The sub-region Bickley Valley was recognised as having a unique set of geographical and topographical influences that influence the quality of wine produced. 


Facing the lower Southern side, Myattsfield is capable of producing better whites and lighter reds while elevated western facing sites are ideal for fortified production. Taking advantage of the region’s climate, they plant varietals such as Verdelho, Mourvedre, Touriga, and Durif, alongside Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. 


With most of the wines are blends, the winemakers take the strengths of distinct but synergistic varieties to create complete wines. They work on an individual vineyard and an individual varietal at a time, allowing time to solely focus on producing the best wine possible.




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