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McHenry Hohnen: Biodynamic Farming

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

In July 2020, McHenry Hohnen has earned a formal biodynamic certificate for their Hazel's vineyard located in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Ocean view at Margaret River in February 2021
An ocean view at Margaret River

About biodynamic farming

Biodynamic farming method all comes down to shape the land by the use of natural processes so that the vines will grow nothing but the best grapes.⁠⠀

We met a new dog friend during the trip there, who chases away birds and small animals that can come in to eat the grapes. He also helps to keep kangaroos away from the vineyard. A true hero!⁠⠀

The chickens will pick on ground insects, their droppings will fertilise the ground as well. ⁠

Bright flowers that grow also attract insects, such as bees, to pollinate the grapevines. It also concentrates the insects within the areas so that birds will eat the insects instead.


Key processes include growing radishes to assist in breaking up the ground, making it nice and loose. Snow peas are legumes that encourage nitrogen production into the ground. They also have quite striking flowers to attract bees.⁠⠀

We at Dunstan Vintner are proud to support biodynamic agriculture, which allows a minimalistic approach in the winery.⁠

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