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​About Us

Bringing the new world closer to you

Our passion is to bring the finest wines of the new world to the people around Asia. We believe our enthusiasm and dedication for every drop of wine is what makes it possible. We are only a few hours away from many top wine regions in Western Australia, each with their own distinct flavour profiles and top awards by James Halliday and Ray Jordan. 

We are not the first company to start a wine business, but we are the only one with an exclusive wine collection from Western Australia and New Zealand. Our team are constantly searching for new wines, prominent regions and enlarging our wine portfolio while refining our perspective of a wine distribution company. 


Specialty in Western Australia’s wine regions

Wine regions in Western Australia are round up in coastal, cooler southwest areas, which are blessed with cool, tempered breeze by the presence of the Antarctic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and the warmth of Southern sun. There are plenty of soil variations among the wine regions that assist growing the best fruits, which alter from the mineral-rich, darker soils in further inland regions to sandier, less-fertile in coastal areas.


Every region in Western Australia displays its unique signatures and notes - from family-owned boutique wineries to global wine producers, from world’s famous region of Margaret River, to Perth’s coastal plains and forested hills, to the cooler-climate of the Great Southern. Our people at Dunstan Vintner are enthusiastic about displaying the strengths of Western Australia’s wine regions and the pride in our home state.

At Dunstan Vintner, we are enthusiastic about being on a journey that delivers the best of Western Australian wineries to the world. 


Darryl Wee

Operations Manager

Darryl has been living in Perth for the past 23 years, and has seen the explosive growth of the Australian wine industry over the last decade. Involved in the oil and gas sector since 2002, he now operates a company with Australia wide operations. While his work allows him to travel to several vineyards across the country, he is still impressed with the remarkable quality of wines from his home state of Western Australia.

Pam at Myattsfield Vines.jpg

Pamela Munoz


Her background as a Chemical Engineer has allowed Pam from a very young age to scientifically get involved in what she enjoys learning the most, the wine industry. The enthusiasm and curiosity for wine have led her to closely experience the wine world across the globe, from America to the old continent in Europe to where she resides and keeps acquiring knowledge nowadays, Western Australia. 

​Featured Wines

A selection of award-winning wines

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