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KinMen Kaoliang


(金門高粱酒 – 紅標)

Kinmen Island (金門) , TW (臺灣)

As part of the local social welfare system benefit, this “Red Label” series of liquor is specially made for sales and consumption for the island’s residents only. It is very much sought after in the Taiwan main island.

Adhering strictly to the use of an exclusive fermentation practice crafted in accordance to ancient methods and top quality local spring water as its foundations, resulting in an intense myriad of alluring aromas followed by a long finish, ending with lingering hints of sweetness and floral after taste. It exhibits the unique characteristics of a sorghum liquor unparallel to others.

Because of the “restrictions” placed on this series of sorghum liquor, it has since been much sought after by many enthusiasts and known to be of premium quality over time. Due to its excellent aging characteristics, many have come to appreciate and enjoy it on joyous occasions or to offer as gifts during important festivals as the colour red plays a great significance in the Chinese culture.




Kinmen’s kaoliang (高粱) or sorghum liquor production dates its history back to the Chinese Civil War in the late 1940s when then the Chinese nationalist general Hu Lien (胡 璉) encouraged the local farmers to grow sorghum to produce hard liquor as importing alcohol from the main island of Taiwan caused much financial and logistical strain then. Established in the early 1950s, the distillery known as KKL in short is owned by the Kinmen County Government. KKL is best known for their international multi award winning standard 58% and 38% liquors. The much sought after KKL has not only became synonymous with the outlaying island but more importantly, it has formed an integral part of the economy and a significant role in the culture of Kinmen.

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