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How to Pair Christmas Food & Wine

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

“What are we having for Christmas?” - Perhaps the most daunting yet exciting question this time of the year. With hundreds of starters, mains and desserts to choose from, the holidays is the best season to try out and just have fun with food and wine pairings you have never thought of before. Grab your oven mitts and wine glasses ready for a three-course wine and dine experience that is sure to please you and your guests.

Smoked Salmon Crostini - Sauvignon Blanc

Photo by: little broken

Dill, cream cheese and smoked salmon, a marriage of flavours fit for special occasions. This elegant dish is easy to prepare with an assembly of soft baguette slices, herb cheese mixture, crisp vegetables and the highlight of each bite - the smoked salmon. Dig into this appetizer with a glass of 2018 Tyrian Clouds Sauvignon Blanc. The zing and acid of this easy drinking white will cut through the oiliness of the fish and it’s tropical fruit aromatics of guava and passionfruit will match well with this creamy seafood number.

Stuffed Mushrooms - Zinfandel

Photo by: delish

Meet the meat of the vegetable world. Savoury mushroom caps filled with garlicky breadcrumbs and plenty of melty cheese is just what we need to warm up our holiday bellies. Similar to it’s meat alternatives, stuffed mushrooms go hand in hand with almost any robust red wine in town. You can go for an earthy Syrah, a bold Cabernet Sauvignon or a flashy Zinfandel. The fruit forward and silky 2016 McHenry Hohnen Hazel’s Zinfandel finds favour with the forestry rich flavours and textures of these marvelous fungi. Ripe and dried red berry flavours with hints of chocolate will bring the night’s festivities to life. This combination is filling yet light enough to leave you craving for heavier dishes to come.

Beef Wellington - Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier

Photo by: mantitlement

It’s not Christmas without red meat at the dining table. Elevate your beef dishes with a grandiose and scrumptious display of beef wellington. Premium tender beef fillet wrapped in a mixture of chopped mushrooms, shallots, herb and onions sautéed and caramelized in butter. Enveloped with the flaky baked goodness of the puff pastry, this show stopping dish will please anyones eyes and palate. Pair this with a dry medium to full-bodied red for an elegant fine dining experience. The Myattsfield 2015 Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier is earthy from the Mourvedre, aromatic from the Viognier and blooms with red berry fruits and pepper from the Shiraz. It’s ripe tannins and acidity will make quick work of the beef fillet, creating a satisfying balance of flavours and textures.

Roast Turkey - Chardonnay

Photo by: thekitchn

Nothing screams holidays more than Turkey. Though more commonly served on Thanksgiving, this no-fuss yet succulent treat is also a winner this yuletide season. Juicy meat stuffed with herbs, fruits and spices, roasted to golden perfection calls for a full-bodied white wine to match. The creamy and oak-aged 2018 McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Chardonnay will make up for the low fat content of the Turkey, bringing out it’s more complex flavours.It’s white flesh nectarine, fresh citrus peel and subtle toasted almond finish will complement the herb notes in the stuffing and leave you with a smooth and delicate mouthfeel.

Red Velvet Cheesecake - Pinot Noir

Photo by: browneyedbaker

Red is the color of the season. This velvety, creamy and tangy dessert is a no-fail crowd pleaser. Who wouldn’t love a cheesecake sandwiched between delightful red velvet cake layers? Serve this with a gorgeously light Pinot Noir for the ultimate dessert combination. The dark cherry and plum notes in Volcanic Hills 2016 Pinot Noir is the perfect accent to the chocolate undertones in the red velvet cake.

Chocolate Truffles - Merlot

Photo by: bakerbynature

End the night on a decadent note with these bite-sized chocolatey goodness. Truffles look and sound fancy but they are actually pretty easy to make. With chocolate, heavy cream, butter and vanilla extract - you’re all set and good to go. For a more exciting platter, add your choice of nuts and berry flavours to the rich milk chocolate mixture. Pair this sweet with ripe and fruity easy drinking reds like Merlot. Though dessert wines are an obvious choice, the rich black berry bouquet of Tyrian Clouds Merlot will melt harmoniously with the creamy goodness of milk chocolate.





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