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Brunello Di Montalcino

2015, 2016

Podere Il Cocco

Montalcino, Italy

Brunello di Montalcino de Il Podere Il Cocco is a wine that represents our terroir, a wine capable of making Montalcino, the hill of Il Cocco, understood. At 600 meters above sea level our vineyards enjoy a more uniquely rare climate.

The vineyards is in the centre of the Brunello production area, about 3 km away from the Montalcino hill, having a favourable southeast exposure, and beaten by winds of scirocco and tramontana that facilitate a microclimate adverse to the proliferation of diseases harmful to grapes.

It is an elegant wine that lends itself very well for evenings in which time flows slowly, fellow travellers enjoy the moment and the wine turns into the steed of long speeches.

Pairing: Florentines, roasts, and stewed wild boar


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The Cocco Vineyard existed since 1765 when the Land Registry or Leopoldino was promulgated. Il Cocco Farmhouse, near Montalcino in Tuscany, owes its name to the founder "Ser Cocco Salimbeni" who in 1400 lived in the Rocca di Castiglione d'Orcia and with his militias controlled the Via Francigena. The Podere Il Cocco was then a military outpost on the south side of the Orcia Valley (now a nature park).


Since 1700 il Cocco has been part of the property of the Bindi family who initially entrusted the management of their lands to the sharecropper (division of products in half between the owner lord and the peasant families who worked the farms - now become farmhouses).


The Cocco farm was left in 1955 by Gino to Grandfather Giovanni who, after abandoning the farmers from the Tuscan countryside, carried out the afforestation of the fields, developed tourism (the farm was opened in 1972 with license n.2) and kept the vineyards for family use.


Today the company is run by his nephew Giacomo Bindi, a young agricultural entrepreneur, who together with his brothers Ettore, Domitilla and Stefano has intensified the production of wine and olive oil and expanded into tourism.


Since the 2000s, organic farming was introduced with respect of oneself and for the nature. Organic farming involves the use of biological treatments with low doses of copper and sulphur. The use of natural fertigation is according to ancient peasant traditions & using inter-row space with wheat, barley and beans crops in order to provide organic substances and prevent the levees of the soils. Three hectares of vineyards grown organically without herbicides and chemical fertilizers produce the BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO wine & the Rosso di Montalcino (DOCG and DOC wines)

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