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Ito Sake

SILVER HAWK Junmai Daiginjo (越の鷹 純米大吟醸 )

Fukui, JPN

"SILVER HAWK" is the first Junmai Daiginjo sake of the Koshitaka brand that uses 100% "Koshi no Shizuku" that can only be found in Fukui prefecture. A gorgeous and refreshing scent coexist while retaining the soft taste of "Koshi no Shizuku". There is also a sharp aftertaste that is characteristic of Koshi no Hawk.



​Ito Sake Brewery maintains a great tradition of working on flexible sake brewing that will satisfy sake lovers and casual drinkers alike. Ito Sake Brewery has a warehouse near the Kuzuryu River, the family temple of the Fukui domain, "Daianzenji". From the Meiji era to the Taisho era, brewed sake was carried by riverboat from the river to Mikuni Bay, and from there, the transportation industry such as Kyoto and Niigata thrive.


In recent years, the brewery has been involved in sake brewing as Mr. Mori himself, has been producing sake that directly brings out the brewery's character. As a result, "Dry Junmai Ginjo" and "Sake Junmai Ginjo" were all unique and sharp Junmai Ginjo, and rich and fruity Junmai Ginjo was developed.


They are also trying to make original pure rice sake from rice produced in Fukui prefecture, which is harvested by a local farmer. Ito Sake brewing takes advantage of Fukui's climate with sake rice and water, from the great nature of Fukui - fully drawing out the aroma of Junmai Ginjo and the umami of rice.

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