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Your Perfect Valentine's Day Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

No need to go to fancy restaurants this Valentine’s. Just grab a bottle of wine, some chocolate and get creative!

Valentine’s Day is a great chance to impress your partner with some simple chocolate and wine pairings, though the idea of pairing them together can seem intimidating. But in reality, it’s pretty easy, quick and fun to do. Here are a few combinations we would suggest you try out with your special someone this coming Valentine's Day.

White Chocolate and Chardonnay

When pairing wines with white chocolate, think of complementary flavours. The other half of the plate needs to be like-minded, with a similar style and weight. Made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk, white chocolate is sweet and buttery with notes of honey and cream. Go with a buttery Myattsfield Chardonnay. It's round and rich body will match heavenly with the creaminess of white chocolate.

Orange Chocolate and Pinot Gris

Volcanic Hills produces fruit forward wines with a nice acidity, but can still be considered light and refreshing. Their Pinot Gris is a perfect example of this balance. The fresh fruit elements of the orange chocolate will balance out nicely with Pinot Gris’ stone fruit and floral notes. Even though it's light, you'll still get a bit of buttery mouthfeel from the chocolate that pairs well with the wine.

Strawberry Chocolate and Rosé

If you’re looking to make your Valentine's date unforgettable this year, indulge in a bottle of Volcanic Hills Rosé and some chocolate covered strawberries. The strawberry & chocolate tandem is not only delicious but goes perfectly with a rosé's balanced acidity, bringing a brightness to the red fruits and underlying strawberry profile of the wine. Serve chilled for your next private Valentine's date night!

Floral Infused Chocolate and Sauvignon Blanc

It’s not hard to pick out flowers for a special someone on Valentine’s Day, but it can be hard to stand out. Impress your partner with a box of floral infused chocolate and a bottle of McHenry Hohnen Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. Tropical aromas of passionfruit, ruby grapefruit and subtle hints of fresh snow pea and cut grass notes will complement well with the floral notes of the chocolate.

Milk Chocolate and Pinot Noir

A typical milk chocolate usually contains sugar, vanilla and cream. The sugar gives milk chocolate its sweet, creamy taste and smooth mouthfeel. The sweetness of milk chocolate is balanced by cacao and other flavours such as vanilla and cream. It requires a wine that is light to medium in body, with a ripe fruit character like Volcanic Hills Pinot Noir. Ripe cherries, juicy dark fruit and rich cocoa provides the lovely plumpness to this cold climate red.

Dark Chocolate and Merlot

In the mood for bitter chocolate? Dark chocolate is best served with a full-bodied, fruit-forward wine. These wines pair especially well with dry, bitter and semi-sweet chocolates that are 50 to 100% cacao. Bold chocolates typically have flavours of earthy undertones , as well as fruity undertones which give way to a complex tasting experience for your mouth. The best wine to pair this chocolate with is one that has intense qualities yet fine tannins that will not add to the already drying quality of the bitter chocolate. The black fruit flavours and supple texture of Tyrian Clouds Merlot make it a perfect match to this intensely flavoured sweet.

Spicy Chocolate and Zinfandel

If you’re looking for a sexy date night idea that would not break the bank, spice up the evening with spicy chocolates and a glass or two of McHenry Hohnen Zinfandel. The red plums, raspberries and minted chocolate notes of this Margaret River beauty will balance out the numbing flavours of chili and bring a lovely silky sensation to your senses.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the romance of Valentine’s Day and forget that it’s really just a day to celebrate love. Sometimes the secret ingredient to a perfect night is just a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine.





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