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Pairing Scallop Risotto with Wine

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

When was the last time you’ve had scallops? I’ll bet it wasn’t today! Scallops are elegant creatures - poised swimmers of the ocean. You can eat them in almost any form—from deep fried to broiled, seared and yes, even raw.

They make the perfect protein because their delicate, deliciously sweet flavour and juicy flesh is already so enchanting, it needs only some salt and pepper to shine brightly. With the many ways you can cook and enjoy this saltwater clam, today we are putting the spotlight to scallop risotto.

Scallop risotto, a classic dish in culinary terms, is a perennial favorite of home cooks as well. A blend of arborio rice, shallots or garlic cooked in white wine and butter makes the rich base of this dish. Stir in chicken or vegetable broth and season with salt, pepper and parmesan for the most decadent creamy finish. This risotto served with golden brown seared scallops and brown butter sauce is a fancy restaurant worthy meal that deserves to be enjoyed with a fine bottle of wine.

Volcanic Hills Sauvignon Blanc

The natural richness of scallops and the creamy decadence of risotto demands a high-acid wine to match. Seared scallops have awesome caramelization and pairing it with a dry Sauvignon Blanc is simply incredible.Volcanic Hills Sauvignon Blanc is a cool-climate white from Marlborough, New Zealand. Fine, intense green gooseberry and fresh passion fruit stand out on the nose, mingled with grapefruit and subtle touches of lime skin. Citrus notes reemerge on the palate, elevating the natural sweetness of the scallops while its zingy acid cuts through the creaminess of the dish.

McHenry Hohnen Burnside Chardonnay

On the other hand, pairing rich dishes with buttery and creamy wines is a combination you don’t want to miss. McHenry Hohnen Burnside Chardonnay is a wine of pedigree, this Margaret River Chardonnay displays the benchmark notes of cashew and roasted almonds. Aromas of pink grapefruit, melon and nectarine give way to slight hints of jasmine. The palate combines power and grace with brioche and lemon curd framed by a core of creamy acidity and an oyster shell-like minerality that together with scallops on buttery risotto is a heavenly experience in the palate.





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