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10 Best Red Wines to Haunt Your Halloween in Singapore

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge

Halloween is lurking around the corner, and what better way to cast a spell on your taste buds than with a bewitching bottle of red wine? Whether you're planning a ghoulish gathering or a spine-tingling solo night in, we've conjured up a list of the 10 most captivating red wines to add an extra dash of enchantment to your Halloween festivities.

Tyrian Clouds Shiraz

​Tyrian Clouds Shiraz A sip of this cool climate Shiraz is like a journey through Middle Eastern spice bazaars, with notes of sultry pepper and plums that dance on your palate. Shop the wine

Brestovitsa Merlot

A budget-friendly elixir that shrouds your senses in darkness, this Merlot reveals cherry secrets, whispers of vanilla, and a dry, mysterious finish—a perfect partner for your Halloween BBQ.

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​Mario Giribaldi Barolo DOCG Unveil the ruby red mysteries of Barolo, where the scent of red fruits, strawberries, cherries, and wild berries mingle with hints of white pepper—a potion from the land of Novello. Shop the wine

​Podere Il Cocco Brunello di Montalcino

This wine unlocks the terroir secrets of Tuscany's Montalcino, enchanting your taste buds with intense red fruit notes, tantalizing spice, and a velvety finish that lingers like a ghostly whisper.

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Bodegas Valduero Finca Azaya

A wine bathed in ruby hues that beckons with menthol, licorice, and roasted coffee aromas—a harmonious balance of power and maturity, perfect for Halloween night.

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​Tenuta Olim Bauda Nizza DOCG Riserva Bauda

Intense and complex, it weaves a tapestry of red fruit, spiced with cloves, and dances on your palate with a firm yet balanced finish—a sip of pure Halloween alchemy.

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Dopff au Moulin Pinot Noir

With a robe as deep as a moonless night, it whispers elegant tales of cherry orchards kissed by spices—a wine so aromatic and complex.

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Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge

A potion concocted from blueberries, cassis, and oyster shell notes—a refined elixir with silky fruit flavours and hints of cedar that promise to age gracefully, like a timeless incantation.

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Chateau Cantenac Brown

With aromas of exuberant berries—strawberries, raspberries, and more—it's a privilege of great wines and exceptional vintages, a perfect match for Halloween's rich tapestry.

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​Chateau Tour St Christophe

A wine that beckons with seductive whispers of black cherries and cassis, complemented by oak notes—an enchanting medium-bodied experience, destined to evolve into a legend, much like Halloween itself.

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This Halloween, let these captivating red wines be your companions as you delve into the mystical realms of flavour. Raise your glasses to a chillingly good time!

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