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Fine Wines
from Western Australia
& New Zealand

Leave behind the Old World, and bring in the New

In a market dominated by wines from the Old World, there is one part of the world that has been producing fine wines for the last 60 years. With a constant temperate climate, fed by the gentle coastal breeze from the west, nourished by the warm southern sun, Western Australia produces excellent wines that are winning awards the world over.

Dunstan Vintner is proud to bring you the best Western Australia has to offer,  to discerning palates in Asia.


Myattsfield Pinot Noir Chardonnay

McHenry Hohnen Vineyard

Each wine bottle is a reflection of the winery’s fascinating story and picturesque vineyards.

Our winery partners are located in different wine regions in Western Australia and New Zealand, whose geography and climate leave their distinctive notes in their wines, from Margaret River region to Bickley Valley in Western Australia, and from Marlborough to Central Otago in New Zealand.



McHenry Hohnen Burnside Vineyard Chardonnay

Many of our wines have obtained outstanding reviews and many more excellent achievements from prestigious wine awards. 

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