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Wine pairing: Pinot Noir and Singaporean famous hawker food

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Good pairing options for our Volcanic Hills Pinot Noir would be a Chinese Roast Meat Platter or a delicious steamy dish of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

About the wine

Classic red and dark cherries, hints of plum, complemented by lifted notes of wild herbs. Flavours of ripe cherries and a large blob of juicy dark fruits mixed with 100% cocoa chocolate, providing lovely plumpness to the wine. A nice glimpse of vanilla oak mixed with a hint of Portabello mushrooms highlights the fine elegant finish.

The dish

Good pairing options for a Chinese Roast Meat Platter would be Pinot Noir for those who prefer a delicate finish or Shiraz, for a spicier peppery profile.

This time we explore pairing wines with the bolder flavours of a Chinese Roast Meat Platter. We've got Roast Duck with its beautifully lacquered skin. Roast Pork with that irresistible crackling. Glazed Char Siew and a Soy Braised Chicken. The flavours of five-spice, hoisin, and soy sauce are certainly there, pairing well with wines containing hints of spices like cloves and star anise.

The dish

Hainanese Chicken Rice. A great pairing to this umami ladened dish that will beautifully pair with Pinot Noir.

Born out of frugality, Hainanese chicken rice – one of Singapore’s national dishes may seem monochromatic but is by no means bland. A testament to that would be getting featured in CNN's article- 50 Best Food in The World. That feat is undeniable when one takes a bite from a spoonful of the tender chicken thigh with fragrant garlicky rice, ginger, dark sauce and chilli. The Pinot Noir’s fruitiness and a hint of herbs work well with the lightly poached chicken and its crisp acidity balances out the greasiness of the rice while also providing relief from the fiery chilli sauce.




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