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Wine for Every Type of Dad: Celebrate Father's Day with Our Best Selections

Father And Son Toasting Wineglass And Milk Bottle (Getty Images/Monica Monti/EyeEm)
Father And Son Toasting Wineglass And Milk Bottle (Getty Images/Monica Monti/EyeEm)

Father's Day is the perfect time to honor the unique qualities that make each dad special. Whether your dad is a foodie, an adventurer, or a connoisseur, we have the perfect wine to match his personality. Explore our curated selection of wines and spirits, each chosen to celebrate the different types of dads out there. Enjoy free delivery islandwide for orders over 300 SGD.

For the Foodie Dad: Quinta da Raza Alvarinho Trajadura

This Portuguese blend features a citric color, clear and bright, with a fresh and fruity fragrance. Its pleasant, long-lasting aftertaste makes it a delight for the taste buds. Ideal with seafood dishes like grilled shrimp, ceviche, or sushi, it makes every meal a culinary adventure. The fresh and vibrant profile of this wine is perfect for the dad who loves to experiment with food pairings and enjoys every bite.

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TeTenuta Olim Bauda 2021 Gavi del Comune di Gavi

For the Elegant Dad: Tenuta Olim Bauda 2021 Gavi del Comune di Gavi

This Italian white offers a fine bouquet of good intensity and persistence with slightly floral scents. Its fresh, graceful taste and well-structured body are perfect for a sophisticated palate. Perfect with light pastas, white fish, and fresh salads, it complements the refined dining experience. The elegant and graceful nature of this wine makes it ideal for the dad who appreciates the finer things in life.

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Dopff au Moulin 2018 Riesling

For the Adventurous Dad: Dopff au Moulin 2018 Riesling This Alsace Riesling is fine and expressive, with mineral and floral notes. It offers a silky attack, precise complexity, and a salty length, making it a great choice for gastronomic adventures. Pairs wonderfully with spicy Asian dishes, pork, and soft cheeses, adding a twist to his adventurous spirit. The unique and complex flavors of this Riesling are perfect for the dad who loves exploring new and exciting taste experiences. Explore French Wines

Fattoria di Lamole 2017 Castello

For the Classic Dad: Fattoria di Lamole 2017 Castello

This robust Tuscan red reveals a rich bouquet of ripe red fruits, aromatic spices, and light floral hints. On the palate, it is well-balanced with flavors of red fruit, vanilla, and tobacco, leaving a persistent and enveloping finish. Best enjoyed with hearty steaks, rich pasta dishes, or aged cheeses, it’s a timeless choice for any classic dad. The traditional and robust character of this wine makes it a perfect match for the dad who values classic and time-honored flavors.

Idi di Marzo 2019 Passionale Cuvée Privata

For the Passionate Dad: Idi di Marzo 2019 Passionale Cuvée Privata

This intense ruby-red wine has aromas of blackberry, currant, and dark chocolate, with hints of tobacco and black pepper on the palate. Its robust character and refined tannins offer warmth and depth. Enjoy with blue-veined cheeses and red meat dishes, particularly delicious with braised meat, reflecting his bold and vibrant personality. The passionate and intense nature of this wine is perfect for the dad who is expressive and full of life.

For the Sophisticated Dad: Bodegas Valduero 2018 Valduero Una Cepa

A cherry red wine with extraordinary aromatic complexity and intensity. It’s well-structured with a long finish that fills the palate, making it perfect for the sophisticated dad. Excellent with lamb, game meats, and robust stews, adding a touch of sophistication to any meal. The refined and complex profile of this wine makes it an ideal choice for the dad who exudes sophistication and elegance.

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Kinmen Kaoliang Red Label

For the Traditional Dad: Kinmen Kaoliang RED LABEL 58° (金門高粱酒 – 紅標)

This traditional Taiwanese spirit is crafted using ancient methods and top-quality local spring water. It offers an intense array of aromas with a long finish and lingering sweetness and floral aftertaste. Enjoy neat or pair with flavorful Chinese dishes like Peking duck or spicy hot pot, honoring his love for traditional tastes. The rich and traditional character of this spirit makes it perfect for the dad who values heritage and time-honored traditions.

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Celebrate your dad’s unique personality this Father's Day with our carefully selected wines and spirits. Each bottle offers a distinct experience, perfect for toasting to the special qualities that make your dad one of a kind. Order today by sending us a message at +65 6570 8522 or sending us an email at and take advantage of our free delivery for purchases over 300 SGD. Cheers to all the amazing fathers out there!




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