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Wine and Music Playlist for Halloween Night

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

You got your costumes covered, your food is prepped, wine ready to pop, and you’ve sent out invitations for a night of wicked fun. Complete the night and create the perfect chilly atmosphere with our curated Halloween Spotify playlist, a marriage of bloody good wine and enchanting music.

Hedwig’s Theme - Tyrian Clouds Cabernet Sauvignon

This timeless, classic theme from our childhood favorite film, Harry Potter, is the best way to start a magical evening. No wine embodies “classic” as much as Cabernet Sauvignon. Imagine filling a goblet with this dark, complex and intense red. You’ll be ready to defend yourself against the dark arts anytime. Cab Sauv typically displays ripe black-fruit aromas like black berries and subtle notes from oak aging like hints of cocoa.

Stairway to Heaven by The Brian J. White Quartet - Volcanic Hills Pinot Noir

Relax and settle into the dinner festivities with a Jazz rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. This hauntingly rich and soothing music enhances the light yet elegant finish of a classic cherry dominant Pinot. This juicy, plump and refreshing wine from New Zealand entertains the palate with hints of plum mixed with cocoa chocolate and complemented by lifted notes of wild herbs. Share spooky stories while enjoying this red with or without food on the table.

Bury a Friend by Billie Eillish - McHenry Hohnen Burnside Chardonnay

If Billie Eillish vocals were wine, they would definitely be Chardonnay. Creamy yet acidic. Graceful yet powerful. Soothing to the ears and the palate with a refreshing punch. Bury your troubles and sorrows for the night with a glass of white wine. Signature notes of cashew and roasted almonds welcome your taste buds. Aromas of pink grapefruit, melon and nectarine give way to nuances of Jasmine tea and natural ferment complexity, making it a certified favorite.

Graveyard by Halsey - Volcanic Hills Sauvignon Blanc

The bright and bouncy pace of songs like Graveyard go really well with Sauvignon Blanc. Halsey’s fresh high pitch vocals help accentuate the gooseberry and fresh passion fruit aromas found in the wine. The zingy acidity of Sauvignon Blanc marries seamlessly with the music’s persistent and playful tempo despite the depressing lyrics. No need to dig deeper, this drink is a party on the mouth and a party on the dance floor.

Decode by Paramore - Myattsfield Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier

Get the party going. Feel like a rock star with Paramore’s Decode and a glass of electric Australian SMV. This red blend combines the spicy, dusty, earthly characters of Mourvedre, the spicy and punchy red berry fruits of Shiraz and the lifted aromatics of Viognier. Besides, there's no better drink for a vampire theme song than a fitting red wine.

Vampire by Dominic Fike - Riesling

Settle down for a bit and chill with some alternative indie music. The song’s fast pace keeps you awake but it’s chill vibe makes for a relaxing break from Decode’s hard hitting electric sound. Grab a bite of what’s left over from dinner and pair it with a dry riesling.

Monster (Under My Bed) by Call Me Karizma - Tyrian Clouds Merlot

If you’re into a more somber and slightly melancholic mood, this spine-tingling song is your best Halloween choice. Settle in the comforts of your sofa with a glass of merlot to soothe your senses. Not too light like Pinot Noir and not as strong as a Shiraz, this drink is meant for a slower-paced evening. Tyrian Clouds Merlot presents a bouquet of blackcurrant, pepper and herbaceous influences. It’s fine tannins and smooth texture makes it perfect for easy drinking.

Sweet but a Psycho - Sauternes

It’s not a Halloween party without sweets. Pair desserts and candies rich in sugar with sweeter wines like Sauternes. This dessert wine is made from a blend of Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle grapes. Flavour profile ranges from lemon curd, apricot, honey and ginger.

Haunted by Taylor Swift - McHenry Hohnen Zinfandel

Country music is a classic American sound. It only makes sense to pair it with an “American grape”. Zinfandel has an established reputation in California, USA and in Puglia, Italy where it is known as Primitivo. The grape is now grown in various parts of the world including Western Australia. Zinfandel is loved for its jammy red fruit and spice notes.

Just like magic by Ariana Grande - Prosecco

End the night on a sweet note and a dash of magic. Ariana Grande’s crisp and crystal clear voice is a match made in heaven with a glass of bubbly Prosecco. A glass of fizz is a perennial favourite, and its bubbles always feel a little decadent and naughty but eternally stylish, definitely a celebration staple.




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