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The Best White Wine for Every Occasion

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

As celebrations of any kind come around, white wines are here to take the center stage. It's versatile, fun, and has something for every taste. From rich and juicy to crisp and tangy, you'll find a bottle that matches any mood. In a world of endless options, let us help you find the white wine to indulge with those around you!

​Housewarming Party

What better way to celebrate moving into a new home than a bottle of wine. If you’re thinking of what bottle to bring the next time you got invited to a housewarming party by friends, family, or a new neighbor that just moved in - offer a warm welcome with McHenry Hohnen’s Rocky Road Chardonnay. One sip instantly showcases all the hallmarks of Margaret River Chardonnay: pink grapefruit, nashi pears, and blossoms abound. A combination of French oak and large format casks provides depth and palate length to this flavourful wine.⁠⁠ A familiar variety, well-loved, and sure to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.


Whether you’re seeing your favorite band at a music festival, getting together with friends for the annual fiesta, or lighting a lantern, a nice chilled bottle of white wine will surely add zing to these already festive occasions. With all the standing, jumping, and dancing, you’ll barely have any time to eat. Snacks and finger foods at hand will marry nicely with Volcanic Hills Pinot Gris. Vibrant and slightly spicy with a zingy dry finish. Delightful aromas of pear and lifted floral notes will fill your senses while soft richness from overlying honey and golden delicious apples will coat the palate. An easy drinking choice for a fun-filled night.

​Birthday Brunch

Celebrations are not just for dinners. If you’re treating your loved ones to a nice cozy bistro for your birthday brunch, why not pop a bottle of Mario Giribaldi Langhe Arneis DOC. With pancakes, sandwiches, fruits, bagels, smoked ham, bacon, and charcuterie on the table - a light and refreshing wine is sure to spark life to the party. Peach, hints of melon, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers great the nose. This organic Italian Arneis is soft and harmonious on the palate - a great accompaniment to the brunch menu of your dreams.

​Summer Wedding

Summer weddings call for beautiful outdoor settings - the beach, a cliff, or a beautiful garden. Everyone is bound to get thirsty from the heat of the sun. Nothing a glass of Sauvignon Blanc can't fix. Tyrian Clouds Sauvignon Blanc will be a sure hit with your guests. Drawing flavours from Marlborough, New Zealand, the wine delivers tropical fruits of refreshing guava and passionfruit with hints of bready lees. Incredibly crisp with just the right amount of integrated acids, this SB will pair with just about any dish. One less thing to worry about on your special day.

​Reunions and Anniversaries

Years pass and the love remains the same. Here’s a bottle to indulge in a couple of years from now to remind yourselves of shared time for anniversaries or to commemorate the years apart for reunions. Quinto Da Raza Family Collection Branco is the ultimate coming together wine. With amazing bottle aging potential, this 2019 bottle will only get better in time. Enjoy this Portuguese wine with fruits, cheese, charcuterie, and light dishes accompanied by light-hearted conversations or comfortable silence for there is no greater feeling than sharing a wonderful meal with the ones closest to our hearts.




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