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6 Great Wines and Liquor to Give Dad on Father’s Day

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

​2008 Chateau Montrose 2eme Grand Cru Classe

A wine of pure class. This 2008 Grand Cru from Chateau Montrose is one of the superstars of Bordeaux and boasts a reputation that echoes its peers including Chateau Margaux and Chateau Latour. Its reputation is built upon consistently fine quality, a reputation that has grown over the years, especially since 2000 when the wines were raised from a rarely seen second-tier rank to crus bourgeois. This wine offers a dense purple color followed by gorgeously sweet black raspberry and black currant fruit intermixed with loamy, earthy, forest floor notes, a floral component, and a long, full-bodied finish. While not as refined as 2009 or 2010, this is still an excellent wine that will reward patience in the cellar for 5-8 years followed by enjoyment over the following 20+ years.

​2015 Mario Giribaldi Barolo DOCG

Serving braised or roasted meats for the occasion? This ruby red Barolo is the bottle to pop. It’s rich in the sweet scent of red fruits like strawberry, cherry, and wild berries. Hailing from the land of Novello, you’ll find hints of white pepper adding an elegant touch to the mouthfeel. Soft, warm, and dry palate perfect for long conversations and a relaxing time.

Made from organically grown Nebbiolo grapes, the wine fermented for four months in steel tanks before maturing in French oak barrels for over two years. After a few years of bottle aging, tertiary flavors evolve making it an interesting wine to pair with black chocolate and cocoa-based sweets - a drink to enjoy with savory dishes and sweets.

​2001 Valduero Gran Reserva 12 Anos

Drinking beautifully now at 21 years old, this garnet red wine is a fine example of an impeccably balanced, elegant, and complex Tempranillo. Grown in a 90-year-old vineyard that does not exceed 1,500 Ha, each vintage produces only a limited number of bottles. The 2001 vintage shows ripe berry aromas (almost that of raisin and spiced fruitcake), leather, tobacco, and hints of mint. The finish is full of warm vanilla and lingering berry fruit. An excellent wine to pair with Beef, Lamb, and Game.

​2021 Grande Escolha Alvarinho-Trajadura

For the young at heart. Some days call for a light and refreshing white wine. This Portuguese bottle is made of 60% Alvarinho and 40% Trajadura. The perfect communion of technique and tradition. This Grande Escolha is fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks before they are rested for 4 months on fine lees and bottled in cold stabilized bottles.

Bright, fruity, and fragrant with a long-lasting aftertaste - this wine is ideal as an appetizer or to pair with light meals such as shellfish, fish, light meat dishes, or salads. It is particularly pleasant with Asian dishes.

​Red Hawk Junmai Ginjo Sake

Made from 100% Saka Homare sake rice, a specially cultivated variety created by Fukui Prefecture for Daiginjo. The umami of this rice is well-balanced by the fruity fragrance, making it perfect to accompany dishes that use fruit or shellfish, or simply to be enjoyed solo.

1985 First Quality Kaoliang

The pinnacle of Taiwanese liquor - KinMen Kaoliang is renowned for producing top-class drinks with excellent aging characteristics. Ancient crafting methods are used to this day to turn local spring water into a 58% strong alcoholic beverage. A myriad of alluring aromas greets the nose followed by a long finish that leaves a sweet and floral aftertaste. It’s Taiwanese history in a bottle which makes it an excellent gift to honor dads this Father’s Day.




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